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So this new site is broken, the latest page, this one #18 can’t be reached from any other page and can only be read using the direct URL or by the clone at the root domain. The latest page navigation button links to #17 on all other pages and the latest page image below the comic doesn’t have a link on any page and shows a “thumbnail” from the page you are currently viewing. I am unsure of the proper “thumbnail” behavior but this seemed off. Hopefully this comment reaches someone. I will make a comment on #17 as well so please make an update there if this results in a fix.

You’re going to have to explain this a bit better. I’ve been trying to replicate your issue but I can’t. It’s working fine on every device and I’ve even connected to my neighbors wifi to see if their settings made a difference. The only thing I can see that would cause the issue you are describing is if you somehow were still going back to the old site which should now automatically bring you to the new site. I’m adding more redirects but make sure that if you have an issue, that you are on the website and not website.

I got to wonder what happens the day “She’s a Demihuman” doesn’t work?

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