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So, someone is selling used adventurer equipment to the wealthy?

Given what the diplomat she killed wanted, i think someone figured out how to get the loot tables for monsters to work for non-adventurers and has gradually built up to a slaughterhouse of sorts, it’d explain why they wanted other cities to capture and “export” their local monsters if they had already ground their own finite “supply” into almost nothing. (far as i recall at least a respawn system for monsters hasn’t been mentioned thus far?)

It seems like all the respawn systems have been “naturalized”. All children being sacred and harm to them taboo, is probably more than just legacy “kids have un-killable flags”. It’s a prohibition you strongly enforce (by death penalty) when children are rare.

There are so many horrifying implications to what this kingdom is doing. Depending on how many systems they’ve managed to hijack. Of course, those implications are ones we kinda ignore in video games. “Dungeon instance” systems are rather nightmarish when you really think about them.

that makes me wonder, what happens if a “Raid boss” class monster dies? does another monster of the correct age and gender (such as, to use one of the only raid boss stories told so far, an adult female kitsune with two children) suffer the tragedy that was supposed to “create them” when the respawn timer expires?

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