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“Only needs a little” — does even a tiny bit of XP move an NPC from level zero on the NPC table to level one or otherwise make a useful change, or is XP used as a sort of trophy or status symbol?

It’s possible that the kid is simply near the XP needed for the next level up, and the NPCs somehow have access to this information. We do know that a god is meddling, so perhaps NPCs were given access to tooling reserved for players (like the drop table from earlier).

It occurs to me to wonder if Nyna can access her own loot table at this point. Wonder what utility, tools, weapons, or other materials she might be able to magically produce at the appropriate time, as well as how many of them/if it regenerates/etc. I know she prefers her claws and natural attacks, but she might be coming around to the benefits of ‘adventurer’ gear.

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