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To Talithar – 14

To Talithar – 14 published on 7 Comments on To Talithar – 14

I love the idea of adventurer equipment being just so powerful, but looks really silly, that people are willing to use even the lamest looking stuff just to get those good buffs and stats. They don’t have the option of being picky about how it looks… A stark contrast to Kaylin.


Those Knights look like my character in pretty much every RPG early on, before i got complete sets or actually bothered switch the skins.
However i have one question: Kaylin says “mismatched”, is she refering to more than just looks?
Are their equipment pieces mismatched in terms of boni/abilities they give/set effects as well?

Ah, classic Clown Armor sets. I remember early WoW before Transmogging became a thing, you just used whatever was best that you could get (especially when questing/leveling), and different sources (dungeons, raids, PvP, etc) had different aesthetics (and different tiers and zones had different themes), so it was easy to have mismatched sets, and a lot of early sets had low-res textures with different vibrant colorations (look up Ahn-qiraj armor sets, for instance) that did NOT mix well… ooof!

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