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To Talithar – 13

To Talithar – 13 published on 11 Comments on To Talithar – 13

I am back and I got it done on time! O_O Now to get back to all the other work I have. Convention was a lot of fun, met a lot of fun and interesting people. Got to hang out with a bunch of friends from all over- didn’t get much sleep. I feel like they are slowly making the hotel room beds stiffer every year.


Oh, Nyna. Isn’t it obvious?
The farmers are also the bait.

Is Kaylin activly posing for the viewers of her (former) stream?

I mean it could make sense if she is doing it subconciously

No, they are hiding behind a boulder, she leans forward against that boulder creating the impression you get.
You could blame Sage for putting the point of view behind them, thus getting a gratitious shot of their butts, but that´s what´s happening.

When the bar is already low, and they find a way to go under it anyway ^.^

Nyna got to see the ‘weak’ humans she escorted, the ‘weak’ human bandits she killed easily, and the ‘weak’ humans in town when Kaylin snuck her in. She’d probably formed such a low opinion of them all that it jars her mind to think ANYONE could be worse than them; or conversely that those humans could be BETTER than anyone else!

They really are surprisingly thin for doing any sort of manual labor farming, even if it’s just collecting wheat/hay.

… That kinda looks like a Phil haircut from the back, if a smidge longer than usual…

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