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Um pretty sure that that last line is messed up. It sould be im you prey.

. . . I actually went back and read it again and i was like “No, that’s . . . Oh, I get it.”

Hey any chance the Christmas filler we get could be for AI instead of yosh? Like of little wish nekomata here? That or nami goes all out with the cat ears and cosplays nyna.

Pretty much never doing Filler for AI. There might be a day when I need to take more time for a comic page but AI is supposed to be uninterrupted. Even Chapter Title pages are additional pages or added later and don’t affect the update schedule. That said, the Patreon page has had plenty of pictures that include the AI characters and even a lot with Rieko from Yosh hanging out with Nyna. There will be a bunch of updates for that on Christmas day too (As soon as I can at least). Oh and the Patreon stuff is all free for everyone to view. There is no paywall on the patreon stuff. Anyone can view it.

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