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She’s a Raid Boss, dumbass. Lead to read. 🙂

As said before, no she isn’t – she was on the verge of becoming one. The title was unstable, and her surge in power has been on and off since, and while he wasn’t successful at breaking her out of it intentional, she brought herself out of it with her poor self confidence. And he helped a bit in a way-

She’s a level 80something Elite. But even if she were able to keep the RAID stable, this guy doesn’t know what that means. “What does ‘THAT’ mean?”

So, here is the thing – no sign of Kaylin, sure, but that gives nyna a place in the spotlight for the moment, Kaylin is a main character, but arguably, Nyna is either also a main character, or a very important supporting character. Giving her time in the spotlight, and time to build suspense is both good character development and good writing.

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