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Strongest of Talithar – 22

Strongest of Talithar – 22 published on 10 Comments on Strongest of Talithar – 22

You ever notice how often headgear in games doesn’t actually protect your head or give you any additional bonus to your armor? It’s like, you don’t even need to wear it, you can just hide it if you want and still get the benefits from it. Sometimes the benefits have nothing to do with defense at all! That said… losing it does mean he can’t actually see her level/status anymore, so he has to gauge her spikes in power with intuition and other visual cues. Although, was it really just a single failed attack that snapped her out of it? Or something else or a culmination of factors even he’s unaware of? And if he hasn’t taken off his helmet to escape- how much damage would that have caused? . . . And wasn’t he covered in blood and wounds earlier?


The most important piece of armour through the ages besides the shield and often before it, has been the helmet.
Because there isn’t anything in your head that can take a solid hit.
Cue incoming backstab in 3–2–1–

Judging by the fact that we’re about four comics away from the end of this chapter, I am reasonably sure this is not Nyan’s “my tantrum is wearing off already” face. She saw something. Or, rather, some*one*.

Absolutely looking forward to the next few comics, this is gonna be epic!

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