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Strongest of Talithar – 21

Strongest of Talithar – 21 published on 26 Comments on Strongest of Talithar – 21

Well, now everyone knows that his helmet lets him use Identify, but will any of his other little tricks help him against the heartbroken Nyna? Also, if it wasn’t clear, the RAID icon is glitching/flickering – so it’s not stable, if it were I would have just left it as clean text 😀


This is interesting. I see my comment from last has an answer at least—his 49% chance of winning is because her status is glitching in/out of RAID mode.

I wonder, if she becomes a RAID level encounter on her own, and the system recognizes Katelyn as Nyna’s pet, if Katelyn will get a boost to her stats out of it?

Looks like someone hit the Kaylin button, they shouldn’t have done that. *ends TFS reference*

But seriously we knew her mother was notably powerful so it looks like Nyna had a similar potential that just needed the right trigger to access. Let’s just hope that Nyna can pull it back and doesn’t get stuck in her berserker state.

Looks like Nyan got her enrage going from her raid boss heritage. And this guy just used his likely only heavy-hitter skill on Kaylin. Which means he’s screwed. With the amount of survivability he has, he’ll probably last a while, though. Enough for Kaylin to respawn, reconfigure her build, and get back into the fight.

This is the start of the fun part!

I’m actually glad to see the RAID label from the prior page carrying over here – both for the continuity and to draw attention to how important this is.

I also find it VERY curious that this NPC knows the word ‘malfunctioning’, as it is a more modern/technical term relating to machines. How much of the digital aspect of this world has been revealed to him?

Beyond that, I am interested in how Nyna is handling her “evolution.” Her mother had a set of techniques that punished skill use – skills like this guy might be using – so does Nyna somehow gain instinctive knowledge of the same, or is it something she’d have to be trained to do? Right now though it just looks like she’s got an unstable strength boost.

Generally, they use all kinds of modern language, just not a lot of slang, though not impossible for them to do so. They aren’t all talking using old English or anything like that. After all, their language is based on the languages that it was programmed with, which was not from the 1800s. Some have holdovers from programming of older NPCs that used certain ways of talking, but they have most of the full range of words used in modern language and their meaning. Malfunction, simply meaning bad or poor function, is something that could be used for many things of the “time” and more importantly setting. Hope that helps clear up the understanding of the use of certain words!

“Malfunction” dates back to the 1820s.

Oh interesting! I had thought to look up similar when I was writing my earlier comment, and OED thinks it was first seen in the 1910s:

I’m not trying to argue the word shouldn’t be used here! It’s a topic that interests me a lot in various works of fiction – what word choices can mean about the world setting. The idea that NPCs can use language left over from their original programming (by modern-day people) is an amazing loophole overall for any intentional or unintentional blurring in the future 🙂

I’d hazard a guess it’s way older than that.

I was pretty sure it was a French word originally so I dug into that part.

The ‘mal’ part comes from the French word ‘mal’ meaning bad or wrong, coming from the Ancient Latin ‘mal’ meaning the same thing.

The ‘function’ part comes from the French word ‘fonction’ meaning “one’s proper work” in use from at least the 1530’s and coming again from the Ancient Latin ‘functionem’ meaning a performance or execution.

I’m pretty sure more than one Medieval French or probably an Ancient Roman worker looked sadly at a broken tool, shaking their head and saying c’est une mal de fonction or the equivalent in Latin and then opened a bottle of wine and said “that’s that, may as well start early” 😉

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