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“If you want to dine with the devil, you’ll need a very long spoon”.

But what kind of cutlery will you need to dine or deal with an A.I. turned overgoddess?

Apparently you need something usable for de bugging it. (see the original computer bug in the wikipedia)

The AI could in theory access all player data, including the copied memories of the original players, but for some reason it can’t. It was able to add the written backstory memories as real ones when it restored Kaylin’s player state (at least Kaylin remembers them as real), but apparently it didn’t even know about the irl world memories.

It could in theory even pause the whole world and talk with each resumed player state before adding them back into the game world, but choose not to even message them. This indicates the manager AI have absolutely no idea what it’s doing. Even some of the MOB AIs seem more advanced for some reason, not to mention the other in game god AIs and the player states.

Thats not suprising. Monster npcs have ai that control movments and actions. Same with most npcs. But she is more a background lore character, at most she showed up for heavily scripted events. She isn’t in charge because she was a management ai, but because the lore said she was as a goddess.

So you need to earn a god’s favor to respawn then. That’s more than fair. It’s not easy to earn a god’s favor.

This could lead to a token system: earn divine favor, but grant the associated respawn to someone else (good exchange between those who are likely to earn favor but unlikely to see combat & those who risk death on a regular basis). That assumes, of course, that Ellisia doesn’t lock such boons to player or character.

Conventional wisdom says it should not be easy to gain a God’s favor – relatively few even get to interact with them. However we have also seen that the Gods have (or make) Champions to effectively do their bidding where rules prevent direct action from the Gods themselves. There’s nothing preventing a God from giving their preferred people easy or free ‘favors’.

It feels like Kaylin jumped right from her generic ‘N per day’ offer to something VERY specifically tailored (she hopes!) to herself and Callum. Normally this kind of conversation and negotiation is Kaylin’s specialty due to her Silver Tongue skill… but right now she is understandably fixated on getting back to Nyna and the fight /right now/, which means she’s missing the opportunity to find out about the bigger picture before making her offers. Key questions like:

“Outside of Callum and myself, how many other Adventurers exist in the world right now? Which of them are you concerned about?”
“Do any other current Adventurers have ongoing interactions with gods, that might earn favors under this rule – or that might just be GIVEN easy favors by a patron god?”
“How much does the world NEED Adventurers to keep running, given everything that broke down when they vanished?”
“Are you going to allow NEW people in this world to reach Adventurer status, that these rules will apply to them too?”

In terms of ‘favors owed’ – she’ll have this one for the lore to Ellisia, and Kaala has suggested she will ‘owe’ Kaylin for her help… so Kaylin might come out of this with one ‘extra life’ in the tank before she has to actively start currying the gods’ favor.

As an aside, this scene strongly reminds me of Greg the Grim Reaper from the Conker video game. Conker is told he’ll get extra lives based on finding squirrel tails in the world, and when he calls it strange Greg calls him ungrateful and says it’s the best deal he’s going to get.

Addendum – I probably should have paid more attention to it before, but I just now saw the red word ‘RAID’ seemingly overwriting ‘LVL 89 ELITE’ next to the NEKOMATA label above Nyna. Her mother’s daughter indeed… evolution to raid boss tier mid fight, or at least during this crisis? Kaylin’s Mistress may end up stronger after all!

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