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Oh you are FUCKED my dude.
Auto-potion is a cool idea. Haven’t seen that since FFX-2, and it wasn’t even very good in that.

I wonder if Nyna ascending to a full raid boss would let her see the green numbers that pop up above his head when he takes a potion? 🙂

It’s a bit more useful if you make sure to get rid of your weaker potions and have the alchemist/chemist ability equipped.

Still since this using an mmo’s ruleset, I would expect it to be a bit more customizable and you can slot in what potions you want auto-used.

Oh king dude. You thought getting “that beast” out of RAID mode was going to give you an easy win.

Oh. Hahaha! No. Now she’s in full control of her faculties, and is still much, much smarter and stronger than you.

Yeah. Burn, baby, BURN!

When you get your face smashed against the bounds of reality, and suddenly you’re feeling through a gap, out past the 4th wall. Knowing things you’ve never known before, in ways that break the verisimilitude of what is.

And one of those things you know is “Power Word: Burn!”

The rest of it is an existential crisis for later. After rage, after grief, after a wannabe Adventurer is a pile of ash.

There’s something amusing about mid-fight banter. I know in tabletop talking is a ‘free action’ so people can hold whole conversations mid battle, but in a MMO like setting the fight doesn’t pause.

Nyna talking makes more sense – it’s buying herself time, and provoking her opponent to waste his while she heals and gets a handle on her new power.

King here is not only revealing his tricks, but he also let Nyna get close enough to put her hands on TOP of his shield. Despite recognizing Nyna is an unusual case, he still doesnt act like he feels truly threatened. Next page we’ll see the consequences of literally lowering his guard – I don’t expect a full KO, but perhaps enough damage to make him unable to dodge Kaylin’s dramatic reentry.

That said, his one line “You still have that fire in you?!” feels a bit out of place – it’s hard to describe why. I know Nyna was just wondering aloud about her new powers, but his jump to it being ‘in her’ is odd – it kinda feels like an anime translation error where people are describing their power levels. I don’t know how I’d write it any differently, but figured I’d make a note that reading that panel made me pause and reread before continuing, because it doesnt quite seem to follow from the previous line.

Im not sure what would be odd about him saying that. He’s already said that there is a changing going on inside of her. Inside simply because outwardly, she hasn’t changed much. However, when she started changing, her fire both literal and figuratively became much greater. Her inner strength, her presence. He lost his helmet, so he cant see her status, but – she calmed down after he stopped her attack. He thought he had broken her confidence and that she was back to normal. Truth was, she got distracted by her own thoughts, and her strong sense of smell. She did mostly lose her grip on that power- but she still remembers it, it’s still there- inside of her. She just needed to figure out how to reach for it again, and that’s the fire. He thought he stomped it out, but it was just quelled, not gone. More importantly, it’s Nyna who calls it fire herself just before he says his line.

Looking back, I don’t see where he said or thought anything about ‘inside of her’ since her RAID label appeared? He has noted that her title was unstable and wondered what she is after she survived his attack, but I dont think I connected that to him thinking she is STILL changing – more that her brief unstable power surge (whatever it was) had faded when her ‘tantrum’ ended. So maybe some of my confusion comes from this being the first time deeper concepts and words like “inside you” have shown up during this fight, even if he was otherwise thinking it.

I guess the closest I’d get to redoing the line for my own clarity would be:
“… maybe the same place this fire is from?”
“Wait, that fire wasn’t just your rage? You still have it??”

This still shows his surprise/recognition as he processes her words and realizes that her power isn’t gone, without that ‘inside you’ phrase that touches on larger/deeper concepts.

Again, not trying to be critical – just sharing my thought process as I read it. English is awkward, and already there’s a lot more thoughts and talking in the fight which is really helpful to get a feel for their mental states!

I wonder if the confusion stems from not understanding what it means by saying “inside”. If you are familiar with the saying “fire in your/their belly”, it’s an old saying that the person has determination. This is both a literal and figurative example of what he is saying. She has fire in her, a will to keep fighting, and she has an actual fire, a magic power she’s tapped into. He want’s to break her confidence, and has done so in a way, to weaken her. To claim she still has that fire- both means literal- and also the figurative- she is still determined to fight. I didn’t think that needed explaining, but im not sure exactly how often that is used anymore.

I don’t understand who is regenerating in the top right? Previous page, she had both her arms, and the blue fire has association with Nyna.

Her arm was cut to the bone in the previous page- its why her arm was dangling straight down and bleeding massively. In the image of the regeneration you can see her blue fire around the wound as it’s healing, and you can see (despite all the visual effects) her outfit- the blue hem, green gradient, into a Prussian blue color- that is her Yukata outfit. Even her outfit was shown cut- and the outfit healed as well (as explained a while back- her yukata is magical and can change with her. She can lengthen it, shorten it and shift it in other ways. It’s a way of showing it is a type of monster equipment that doesn’t work like most normal equipment.

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