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I know it will probably be revealed soon, but I am VERY curious how much about this situation Kaylin recognizes or has seen before: Gear he’s wearing, Skills he’s used, Class he may have taken, any indication about levels/stats, or whatever other indicators she may have about him. It’s even been noted that she can see UI indicators even if we don’t get to see them; they could be telling her all SORTS of things.

At the same time I really wanna know what about all of this is *worrying* her – especially if she sees things she DOESNT recognize, or stuff that could be from other games. Whatever she knows was enough to make her tell Nyna to stay back, even knowing Nyna hates hearing it.

So many questions! But without some kind of verbal explanation, inner monologue, or brief first-person glimpse of what she sees, we can only guess or let it be revealed in time.

I think she might be seeing from the GUI that the opponent is a hostile NPC, at least not a player. The opponent on the other hand does not seem to know the difference between NPC-s and players and seem to think it’s a question of equipment and level only. This made him a high level raid boss at most as there seems to be no real difference between NPC-s and MOB-s (Nyna is a friendly MOB and this guy is a hostile NPC). The only difference i’ve seen so far is that NPC-s killed seem to drop their eqipment as loot, while MOB-s seem to drop the contents of their loot table (at least for players and special NPC-s), which they could also access as unequipped items while alive.

Having adventurer gear would imply he has killed one or more adventurers, I would think.

You can get gear from MOB drops, at least as my reading of this world’s lore goes at this point.

I think she’s more worried that he has an atomic weapon, he doesn’t know he has an atomic weapon, and that he may accidentally trigger said atomic weapon.

E.G. a sword that after so many hits turns him into a demonic overlord.

yeah the major plot of the story, the reason they are even there.. is because someone taught the npc’s how to use the loot table… causing them to hunt monsters for exp and items. It is also possible that some adventurer gear was simply left behind by players over the years as well. I mean we even learn the npc’s were hunting Elves as well. that means they have access to many tables of loot they can manipulate.

In really high end PvP there are patterns, flows, and known spaces where the fight moves in and out of (IE: fighting game logic). Kaya has likely fought enough other adventurers that she knows them like a waltz. And can climb up and down that yomi ladder, while the newbie stays at level one and two (IE: the Move, the counter, the counter’s counter, until it winds back down to the original move. a nice little rock paper scissors, until you realize there’s a higher metagame of each class having preferences to collecting different balances/energies/whatever meaning each move has different values than just 1 compared to rock/paper/scissors)

There’s a famous line from Mark Twain:

The best swordsman in the world doesn’t need to fear the second best swordsman in the world; no, the person for him to be afraid of is some ignorant antagonist who has never had a sword in his hand before; he doesn’t do the thing he ought to do, and so the expert isn’t prepared for him; he does the thing he ought not to do; and often it catches the expert out and ends him on the spot.

Basically, the problem with fighting powerful amateurs is that they may try to do stupid risky stuff that nobody who actually understands what they’re doing would attempt because it would leave them too open.

A high-level BBEG meant to be a serious challenge for a whole party of adventurers masquerading as an adventurer with his choice of all the gear he’s stripped from all the attempts to attack him ?
*shudders* nasty…an adventurer’s nightmare…bring it on !!!

“How can you be sure I’m not one of you?”
Because you don’t know what ‘cosplay’ means, you weeb.

I… I think you got that backwards. It makes sense for a non-weeb to not know what cosplay is…

You know what…? After thinking about it more, I remembered the REAL reason I used “weeb.” And I think it’s accurate.
Weeaboos basically do bad mental cosplay of being Japanese, like this guy’s doing of being an adventurer.

(Yes, same person, the system won’t let me log in with WordPress on Edge for some reason, while I don’t wanna bother with the weird extension interactions going on with my Vivaldi install.)

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