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Strongest of Talithar – 12

Strongest of Talithar – 12 published on 8 Comments on Strongest of Talithar – 12

Ridiculous maneuvers are normally effective for creating openings- but unfortunately goes both ways. This guy clearly not only has the XP, but has the Experience too, as well as knowledge he wouldn’t normally as an NPC.


Most likely another player who decided to crave out their own fiefdom and has been teaching their soldiers the lingo and mechanics. Munchkin type most likely with a focus on mechanics and working out exploits.

Just recently found this comic and I’ve been enjoying it. Very curious about what’s going on with the video game and “reality” here. Because there’s tension between the two “obvious” explanations:

1) This is some kind of “get sent to another world that’s like a video game” setup….but, if that was true, why do all the video game mechanics still work? Why does the Goddess of Creation need Callum to help calibrate the Physics Engine? Why do monsters have loot tables? Item IDs! It can’t *just* be we get sent to another magical world.

2) Ok, so…what if it is just “we got stuck in a game” like they thought? Well, as noted, a kid being in a coma for a month because he got pulled into a game would be big news. But, more than that, the NPCs and Monsters and everyone are acting like actual people, even without players around. Simulating an entire world with tons of full AI beings and accurate physics …like I can’t imagine how much processing power that would need, but I also can’t imagine a game company bothering to do that, just because it’d cost too much.

So, yeah. Currently I’m suspecting “the Singularity happened and everyone got uploaded” or something, but I can’t really justify that either. Possibly one of the Game AIs managed to tap into Magic somehow, so it’s both?

Regardless, enjoying the story, really liking Kaylin. Thanks for doing this!

Happy to hear you enjoy it! Also love seeing messages like this. I’m looking forward to answering all of these in the story as it continues. It’s actually something I have issues with other stories not addressing a lot of those things. I plan to do just that, and spent a lot of time writing out the story and big plot points to discuss just those things in addition to more.

Eventually- we will have a return to the real world and see what’s going on there. I’m looking forward to it! Glad other people are too! Thanks and hope you have a great new year! 😀

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