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Strongest of Talithar – 10

Strongest of Talithar – 10 published on 10 Comments on Strongest of Talithar – 10

DM to Player – “Looks like your character is all done, I did noticed you don’t have a ranged weapon though, are you sure you don’t want to pick up a bow or maybe some throwing axes?”
Player – “Nah, I’ll just throw my great falchion.”
DM – “. . . OK.”


On the face of it this guy has full plate and sword/shield, and notably it looks like a full set – Kaylin had called out other people here for having mismatched gear.

We’ll see on the next page what specifically has Kaylin concerned, but there’s all signs this guy has been collecting for a long time – possibly with guidance from the as yet unseen ‘benefactor’, who may be some form of god.

It’s worth remembering the fighting game creature came from this kingdom’s monster shenanigans. He may have gear or content not native to this world, in addition to being a high/max level ‘character’ with high level gear.

The digital distortion catches my eye, as well as what looks like fragments of his crown floating over his head.

Here’s hoping Kaylin’s ‘actual’ PvP experience and the fact the system has changed will give her a win; however it’s very possible we’ll see her finally get an answer as to whether Adventurers revive after death.

Zoom in on the second to last panel. The distortions is his helmet materializing as next panel his head is encased. But yeah seems like a matching set for sure.

Good eye on the helmet! But that’s also a further sign to be worried about, and may be what Kaylin is reacting to beyond the gear itself.

Remember how with the slime bodysuit Kaylin commented that equipping gear was always just a ‘poof it’s on?’ before, instead of the full body experience that it was for her now? If this guy is equipping gear ‘the old way’ – or using a system that doesnt match the current world – then he’s playing by different rules, and all bets are off.

Ok, see, now you’ve reminded me of a (TTRPG) character I played earlier this year: while he did have a bow, he rarely used it. He had an ability the GM referred to as “Wind Scar” (after Inuyasha’s gimmick, yes): he could make a sword strike at (close) range. Never threw his sword, though.

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