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Resurrection shrine?

Probably lookalike, or an inactive one. Remember the last time they encountered one, it had an aura that prevented monsters from getting close to it. And Nyan commented that she was compelled not to go there? Seems like there is no such effect here this time.

Why could Nyna walk right past the shrine, I wonder? The previous one she couldn’t approach, seemingly to within the width of that hallway, and she had a strong reaction to its presence that I doubt she’d fail to notice here. Perhaps it was somehow moved from its original location, and thus lost its power? Or maybe it’s a new version made by the King’s unspecified ‘benefactor’ that does not have the same monster-repelling properties?

… or perhaps it’s just a matter of literal perspective; they didn’t walk down the hallway with the shrine, there’s a perpendicular hallway hidden by the walls in that last shot and they reached the door from the side.

I think that shrine might be keyed to the king, so that only he can use it since its built around the castle and right outside the doors.
Example: Bad guy get killed who is a player could come back fully healed and continue fight till the other player or monster is dead

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