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Strongest of Talithar – 08

Strongest of Talithar – 08 published on 24 Comments on Strongest of Talithar – 08

Slowly ramping up and letting Nyna show off a little bit too! Thankfully her own magic is making sure she doesn’t show off too much.


Panel 1 – it should be Nobles, not Nobels
(Nobels are a prize, not a class)

Spelling aside, I am looking forward to the coming fight(if you can call it that)

Also, in the final panel, “prepaired” should be “prepared”.

Captrory would probably really love to axe Turanga Leela a few questions, wouldn’t they? Particularly about Xmas, I’d bet.

Wow i could have sworn I already fixed Prepared! That’s one I always seem to type wrong. OH- I did! I just didn’t save the PNG out with the fixes- looks like I fixed the other errors too – derped that one T_T

it feels like someone’s walking into a trap, but who?

To a level 10, there is little difference between a level 50 and a level 100 on appearance alone. Either could kill him in one strike. A level 50 watching level 10s get slaughtered may assume that the attacker is at his own level. Only to find out that to a level 100, there is little difference between a level 10 and a level 50.

While she is “kicking in the door” what are the other elves doing?

They said they were going to “mitigate the damage to the civilians”. By this, they meant they were going to take out the dealers and merchants that aren’t powerful, while preparing their information leaks to the citizens. Basically, they are setting up the city to hopefully fall gracefully and cull the people who know about this method of gaining power, and to spread the idea that those who follow down this path leads to divine punishment. (Aka – “because of the sinful acts of your nobles, the gods sent forth a disaster- a disaster that targeted the guilty and let the innocent live free.”)

I feel echoes of the bathhouse fight with Aiya. We as readers are going into this assuming Kaylin and Nyna are unstoppable and will curbstomp everyone in the castle. There’s a potential that Kaylin might actually have trouble with this guy, but we can’t actually know until they face each other and Kaylin actually reacts to it. Environmental damage won’t be the best way to judge their relative strength, but still expect a lot of stuff to get broken – Kaylin’s new sword seems to cause a lot of collateral damage.

Kaylin may have adventurer PvP experience, but the system has changed and I think she said she has more points in social manipulation than actual head-on combat? He might have the edge in raw power and defense while she has more specialized skills. Hopefully she can end the fight by exploiting PvP tricks this guy hasn’t heard of.

Assuming this is their king and he’s taken both the best items and as much xp as he can handle… up to this ‘limit’ he mentions. The obvious way to interpret that is he’s hit the level cap, and is equivalent to a max-level adventurer… however MMOs are renown for having ‘prestige’ and ‘rebirth’ systems that jump you from max level of a base class to level 1 of an advanced class, so that you can work your way up again. I suspect Kaylin’s “Spell Thief” is such an advanced class (along with possibly other skills not revealed yet), while ‘king’ here hasn’t gone through a death-rebirth process to prestige himself.

Will be interesting to see how this plays out.

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