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Strongest of Talithar – 04

Strongest of Talithar – 04 published on 16 Comments on Strongest of Talithar – 04

I mean… I would say if you are going to be evil, go full evil… But these “pesky” morals and stuff make it hard for me to even do an evil playthrough of Baldur’s Gate 3, had to basically speed run it for the evil achievements… What? I’ve gotta 100% the game…


Just when I thought they couldn’t go lower, they grab a shovel.
By stopping the negotiations Kaylin might’ve prevented the people of Rosestone being hauled away like some kind of XP-cattle.

Shovel? I think you mean pneumatic powered jackhammer. And, of course, now that the powers that be know this depravity WORKS, even killing every last one of the practitioners isn’t going to make it stop, as someone else will just come along and pick righty back up.

It’s like she forgot all about PvP. This is literally the entire point of PvP systems in MMORPG’s. Players level up on mobs, then go into towns and murder each other for even more experience. Hell, entire games are based on leveling up quickly by using PvP. This is the entire point of having Battlegrounds.

From what I recall of my days playing MMORPGs, usually PvP doesn’t award any XP. I understand that WoW originally didn’t allow for you to get XP from PvP either, but eventually they added it as an incentive for people to use it as part of their leveling strategy in battlegrounds if they enjoyed PvP. Usually, games would provide other rewards for PK and duels. Some had special currency or quests that involved PKing.

That said- none of this is PvP or PK. These are not players. These are NPCs that had no understanding of Monster Drops (a thing that stopped functioning after Adventurers disappeared), or Experience Points. While they could gain XP, they have no way of tracking it, and little reason to risk their lives to gain it. Even those that gain levels often don’t realize it, as the increase is rather hard to notice without some form of notification to tell them what changed. Most will simply assume they got better at something from practice, rather than from a system that is granting power.

There are some games that allow NPC-s (mostly companions) to level up and could get gear from the player, but usually they don’t loot fallen enemies. There are some games (even MMO-s) where NPC-s and MOB-s are the same, just differ in who is friendly and who isn’t. This could even change from faction to faction, so one faction’s armed NPC-s are another ones MOB-s. Some games (even MMO-s) allow the use of the same items for players, NPC-s and MOB-s, so pretty much everyone could use everything if they are high enough level for it.

One good example was the long forgotten Neocron MMO-FPS-RPG, where even the no combat zone enforcing copbots could be killed (by zerg rushing them) and a high enough level player could wield their gun which mostly single shot killed any player, NPC, MOB or even admin user in the game as most admins were also just high level players with more world editing rights added. (like normal players could only place furniture in their own homes or clan hq-s, but items could be placed everywhere, so dropping an item was actually littering that got cleaned up periodically)

And this is where loot and xp comes in. A game where you get the same xp for killing (or damaging) a certain level of MOB, NPC or player, you can level up by killing MOB-s, NPC-s or players. (or even by allowing a friendly low level player to repeatedly hit you with a baseball bat while you kept healing yourself, so you even got xp for friendly fire damage too) Also you can loot what the fallen was wearing, being a MOB, NPC or a player. (rat meat from a rat MOB, junk, drugs and tattered clothing from a junkie NPC and so on) Of course killing friendly NPC-s quickly make all of them unfriendly, including vendors, marking the player a kill on sight target. So you could rob a vendor NPC by killing it, but then all vendor and guard NPC-s from the same faction would start to fire at you when they see you and bounties for your head appear in the quest system for other players to take.

In the world of this comic, i think something similar is used, so everyone has the same status. Also MOB drops seems to be inventory items for them, which could be given freely or taken from them after death, just like for players. So far the only difference between MOB-s/NPC-s and players seems to be the use of the comms and the player bank system. These mysterious forgers seems to know about the loot option, which could otherwise be available for everyone else too and people are just unaware of it or maybe they did find an exploit. Or they could just be simply other players.

The thing is, we’re not dealing with a player less System anymore. We’ve got hundreds if not thousands of people in the game now. And as for other murder sims, remember it’s an actual plot point that a mob from a fighting game attacked and broke the armor. Just even other npcs or players from something like Mortal Combat, where brutal murders are the point, could have easily crossed over, started doing what they normally do, and bam suddenly loot and exp levels…

I can’t believe that no one remembers that PvP is a thing, and that this is the exact mechanic involved. Players kill mobs, then kill each other in the Battlegrounds, Arena, or even ‘open world’ depending on the MMO. In fact there’s entire MMO’s where this is the entire point of exp gain. And given as how there’s many many MMO”s now mixed together (remember spaceship dude?) there’s bound to be lots and lots of hardcore pvp’ers and npc’s from such games. I’m just surprised this hasn’t come up sooner.

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