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Lord Viking brings up a good point. What if their “probability manipulation” is nothing more than hacks and cheats from the before-time given AI via bots? Add that the foreshadowing is a little scary at the moment; I would almost feel sorry for the bad guys if they take Nyna for the Forgers and leave Kaylin free…

Worst possibility: Forgers aren’t just selecting the best drops, they’re getting ALL of them – effectively killing the monster over and over, draining its loot table, and in the process preventing the creature from returning to the normal respawn cycle – if such a thing exists anymore. This would also imply the forgers themselves can get the lion’s share of the exp from all monsters they process, even if the final kill goes to some noble. Gear aside, the region having been drained of monsters suggests that the forgers may approach adventurer-grade strength themselves.

Beyond that, I find Yunn’s statement curious – is she suggesting that the normal populace here don’t understand about their own stats going up as a result of levelling/killing creatures? With how the noble mother/child were talking, it sounds like they are acquainted with the idea of ‘levels’ already. If the elves’ goal is to suppress the secret that killing monsters provides both adventurer gear and empowering stat growth, the number of people they have to kill might be very large indeed…

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