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Rosestone – #23

Rosestone – #23 published on 24 Comments on Rosestone – #23

Kaylin finds herself in a loop of a disappointing love life, little information actually gotten from the library, and a tenuous relationship with the captain of the guard. That always ends up with drinking too much at the tavern… She needs something to break the vicious cycle but… with her memories of her past slipping and her priorities unfocused she keeps falling into the same routine even after warning herself about it.


It honestly boggles my mind that in a wildly popular future MMORPG they didn’t include gay, lesbian, or bi NPCs. You’d think they would have anticipated that sort of thing. =/

As I recall, originally, it did, by allowing the player interactions to be as they wanted. But since whatever incident happened, they’re basically back to Dark Ages + magic, at least in terms of setting. So, attitudes of NPCs would roll back to basics of that setting I imagine. Non-hetero relationships would be seen as “unnatural” and thus, decried as foul and such. Yay primititve mindsets! ^_^

Wouldn’t a large part of that depend on culture and religion? Same-gender (alright, male x male) relationships were considered acceptable in Ancient Greece if memory serves correctly, and more than a few samurai of Sengoku Jidai (Warring States Era) Japan had male lovers from what I understand. Then there was also the Sacred Band of Thebes, all of whom were gayer than rainbow-colored unicorns and also hell on wheels on the battlefield…

Then there is the Native American concept of “Two Spirits” which covers all LGBTQ, its largely only certain sects of Abrahamic religions that seem to have anything against it. And that depends on interpretation, even Norse mythology has not just Loki getting knocked up with a horse, but Thor cross-dressing, in a wedding gown no less, mind you it was a tactical decision but even so.

Yeah, mostly because of the book of Leviticus, which IMHO should have been left out of the Christian bible because of all the problems it’s caused.

Come to think of it, if memory serves, there are more than a few gender-bending gods and goddesses found in different mythologies as well, such as Kuan Yin/Kwannon, Shiva, Inari, and so on…

I like Kaylin’s technique in panel 3, nyao. Wonder if it would work for me, being a catgirl and all…

And I can’t for the life of me imagine why Jack would be upset at Kaylin apparently kidnapping drunk women for whatever inconceivable purposes… But, seeing as how she’s a dark elf, and a known troublemaker when drunk, she _obviously_ can’t be up to anything good, right? -_^

Those are actually men… You should be able to tell by their unappealing apparel and lack of sexy hair? XD Though Jack does have sexy hair himself…

wh-what qualify’s as “sexy hair”?

According to my roomie Reki, long, shiny, slightly wavy, and lustrous–at least on guys. -_^ He’s not into women, which means less competition for me, nyao! ^_^

Awww!!! Kaylin with her hair down is as cute as when she got them tied up. That girl is just too sexy in every possible way.

Whyyyy!! Why can’t that work up between her and Relm. I soooo wish them to become a couple and have the biggest love in the univers bloom between these two. I strive so much in hoping to see them both naked in the same bed one day eventually and having some lovely, sexy time full of passion and careness for each of them.

Don’t give up Kaylin!!! I’m sure you win Relm’s heart eventually.

I ‘ship’ Kaylin and Relm too, sad that from what I can tell, it won’t happen. Or at the very least, won’t happen until MUCH later. Hell, Nami from Yosh! isn’t ‘fully’ into being a lesbian with Blue. Though, I think Nami is more pansexual then anything, so that might have helped on Blue’s end.

Kaylin however, is dealing with someone who is decidedly heterosexual, so that’ll be an issue.

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