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I bet Daddys in trouble.

I love how she hits on almost any women around her. There is no way that lesbians died out completely. Though this is a fantasy world so who knows….
Remember when Lucasarts said outright there are no gay people in star wars?

well it is a videogame world.. sorta. LGBT representation in videogames is not all that common still. and when it does appear, it is often in more of an ‘easter egg’ form, not made obvious.

Or it’s blatant and over-the-top, like in Mass Effect 3.

Gay people exist, and that’s cool. But don’t beat me over the head with it. Kaidan just randomly asked my male Shepherd if he was interested in him, when I purposely hadn’t made any advances, because I’m not gay. In fact, I’d very clearly been progressing through one of the female characters’ romance subplots (either Tali or Liara). And the shuttle pilot (Steve, was it?) was a tragic character, both in his backstory (lover killed during Collector attacks) and how they handled him. Other than “I’ll fly this shuttle into the middle of a warzone for you” I don’t recall him becoming a fleshed-out character, even after I helped him “get over it” so-to-speak.

As ironic as it sounds, since I just said “don’t beat me over the head with it”, I prefer Kaylin’s portrayal here. Not because she’s lesbian (I’m not super into that) but because Sage isn’t trying to mask it as super serious like BioWare does. While her sexuality does seem to be a big part of who she is, Kaylin’s also a bit of a troll and goofball, and I suspect we’d get along just fine.

So she fell for it once.

Question was she looking for her armbands, or her armament, or her armor?

Arm Bands- I used the fact that you could see she clearly isnt wearing them so people would pick out what she was looking for- without having to say exactly what it was. Next level writing… XD (That is a joke)

I thought so, but she also isn’t wearing any armor or weapons, so it could have been the others. I was 86% sure it was the arm bands but as she wasn’t touching them, but her ass, I wasn’t sure

I have shown previously that she keeps her weapons in her inventory (magicians bands on her upper arms) and she is wearing armor… RPG armor naturally… The spiderweb isnt just for show, it’s part of the magical focus that makes her armor -actually function as armor! XD

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