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Well, again, she’s not completely wrong? Oh my goodness. Is she gonna have to break out of another jail cell? XD

That’s if they can get her into the jail cell to begin with. Remember, this is a chick that used to fight dragons.

and/or get drunk with them

that being said. I’d hate to see her bar tab.

Stated at the beginning of this chapter, 1 Gold = 100 Silver. 1 Silver = 100 copper. So 1 gold is 10,000 copper. Prices for food and alcohol vary a lot, as do accommodations, But to a point you could consider 1 copper to be 1-2 USD. So a single gold piece is on average equivalent to 15,000 US Dollars, however that’s inaccurate as to how the market functions and how things get exponentially more expensive based on their luxury in a fantasy setting. For example, a room at an inn may cost 50 copper to 1 silver, however many inns from back then also had common rooms, basically a place for lots of people to sleep in but no real privacy, these were much cheaper. Then you have food where a meal could be bought for less than 10 copper, but if you wanted fine wines you start getting into the 20-50 copper just for a bottle, or even multiple silver coins for very rare and popular stuff. Then there’s full on luxury items like extravagant clothing and jewelry which can shoot into the near gold value. Homes and buildings are often bought in gold or payment plans especially for farmers, or even just traded stock with farmers.

So Nobles and other wealthy people do have and use gold, but it’s more common to use trade deals and property for large exchanges. That said… Kaylin came from a time where the value was 10 to 10. 10 Copper = 1 Silver, 10 Silver = 1 Gold. To the point where adventurers almost exclusively worked in Gold. Meaning she could easily have over a hundred thousand gold stashed away that has increased in value massively. Yet she can’t use it in every day circumstances. She has a bunch of other valuable items that can be traded or sold though, as seen earlier in this chapter where she sold a bunch of what to her would have been low tier gems, and got a sack of money for it.

Economics are complex.

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