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Rosestone – #05

Rosestone – #05 published on 11 Comments on Rosestone – #05

Relm’s a little religious, but when gods are known to show up and talk to people through a celestial avatar it’s a lot more common. Then you know when you meet fanatics it’s gonna be really bad. When do we learn more about the gods and what they do? We’ve got a ways to go before we hit those chapters o_o


It’s hard to be an atheist when the actual gods put in a frequent (and quite overt) appearance. It’s like trying not to believe in government. You can try, really really hard, but when “avatars” of the Tax Man comes knocking on your door for tax evasion (among other crimes/issues) no amount of disbelief is going to make them go away.

Yeah, Gods in a “video game” world are cool and all because it feel like they can do and know so much more but….
if you think about it, their purpose can also just be as ordinary as any other NPC. Except they are just “playing” the role of the god. (Yeah i’m a god, i can

do a lot of things…but i’m doing this because…that’s my role!)

Adventurer are the real Gods in those kind of world. Not bound to anything or having any restriction, they shape the world around them, one action at a time.

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