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Another really good page. Good work Sage.

Kaylin look really good in this whole page i think.

But am i the only one who really wished that web-string thingny would be gone on Kaylin’s top ? ^_^ Ha ha ha.

{quietly handing you a pair of scissors to cut the offending web away}

Thank Koneko. I’ll go for it. If i don’t come back, tell the others i did it for all the fans of Kaylin, present and futur.

I may die happy, but it’ll be worth it!!!

That netting is the focus of her armors magic, without it her armor is just a worthless leather tank top. She’ll take it off plenty though and wear other things when appropriate, but she’s traveling.

Wow! I…never though this thing actually had a purpose.

I though the enhanced magical armor was more of a thing weaved in the fabric of her cloth or some kind of passive aura granted by the enchanted gears she is wearing like the bands she is wearing on her biceps or her armbands/gloves.

The armor grants magical protections but beyond that it gives other abilities as well. Probably one of the more obvious would be- It grants her a bonus on climbing making it easier for her to scale walls. It has other effects too but there’s a reason its a spider web netting.

Just began to read AI that morning. Just finished yet and thinking “NOOOO…! Last page ? Why gods so much hate me ?”
Like the drawing, the plot, the facial expressions, the RPG hints.
Like the nicely rendered clouds too ^^

Thank you for sharing your work, art, and phantasies, Sage.

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