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sounds like they encountered some “adventurers” and got influenced, like how sage probably got influenced by overlord for a kingdom made by players. ;P

If i wanted to take influence for a player made kingdom i would go with Ultima Online considering that’s where I first encountered player run cities. That said, I also never said that there is a kingdom made by players and that wasn’t the intent. What lead you to that idea?

Overlord series (the one that has a short anime, not the video game) the following is something of a spoiler for the novels but the “Slane Theocracy” was founded on worship of 6 “Gods”, which is later revealed to be Six players who appeared in the “new world” 600 years before the main character does.(who like this series fell asleep in an mmo and got his mind and player character transported into the world, though in overlord it’s not the game world but a “new world”, because the game was shutting down.)

Plain = Area/Realm of Existance

Plane = To smooth/Abbreviation for Airplane
(Not to be a *Grammar-Nazi*)

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