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Paradigm Shift – #24

Paradigm Shift – #24 published on 8 Comments on Paradigm Shift – #24

Sorry I’m late uploading this! I was getting ready for bed and was like “Wait- why didn’t the comic auto post like 6 hours ago?” <_< Well ya still gotta set it up TO autopost! =_=; Done now! Going to sleep XD


She could also be using that skill on you right now, but she’s being nice and explaining why instead.

Hmm….plans so far, at a guess…, make sure Callum is blameless (and perhaps praised) for this, two, deal with the rest of their group, and then three, launch a spaceman into orbit. (Unless I’m forgetting something major…)

Given breaks, timeskips, and interruptions, including people jumping in line on the chopping block….5-7 chapters? (Thinking it over, would really depend on what size their group is, that could be an ongoing problem….wait, what kind of weapons does his spaceship have? Orbital bombardment might at least shake them up a bit…)

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