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which pair of cheeks is she talking about tho

Yeah, pretty sure Kay was appreciating the view as Nyna slid down the wall!

Now as for why Kaylin may want Callum to take the credit:

1. As already pointed out it does take attention away from Kaylin. This helps keep her a little more anonymous which will help with her freedom of movement as well as help keep potential enemies from guessing her real strength/capabilities.

2. It shores up Callum’s reputation in case others were thinking about making an attempt on him. They’ll want to be very careful about what details of the battle get released as well as keeping the story simple but believable.

3. Boosting Callum’s rep will further his own goals within the city. Remember that he is trying to bring about more modern innovations to their society. By taking credit for defeating the wizard Callum will show that he is plenty able to take care of himself and people are a lot more willing to listen to somebody like that.

4. By giving the credit to Callum, it will give the people after him further pause before another attempt; especially if they sent their “best guy.” Those people obviously know at this point that Callum is an adventurer, and they also knew their agent had the ability to seal a spell casters ability to cast said spells; and yet this adventurer *still* defeated the agent with a spell… while the adventurer’s ability to cast spells was supposedly nullified. Now they need to take the time to figure out what went wrong, and how they can get around this ability their target seems to have of ignoring ability lock downs.

4.5 If she knows they exist, but they don’t know *she* exists…..then they won’t suspect her if someone starts taking them apart.

5. By giving him credit for the kill. She’s also giving, or at least sharing, the experience points. With a high level enemy like this one seemed to be. He might get enough xp to level up. Assuming the xp system still works now for adventurers.

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