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Arcane tricksters are clearly the best type of rouge even in the future 😛

Not an arcane trickster, those were weak. Spell thief though those are always a hoot.

I was making a reference to dungeons and dragons.
And Arcane tricksters unlocks a ability to do what she just did in 5e at level 17 that is also called “Spell Thief”.
But at least we can both agree on that spell thievery is great fun.

Yep, 5e combined part of the spell theif into the arcane trickster progression but I much prefer the older version where it’s more about the stealing of magic over the having magical talents on their own and eventually gaining the ability to steal a single spell a day- maaaaybe. XD

I hope Nyna is okay and just a little shaken. Not fallen of the wall or hit by the lightning.

But oh boy… last week I said what she really means: “Omae ma mou shinderu” – and I think I nailed it with this phrase. You shouldn’t mess with a dark elf… eh rogue… eh spell thief… eh… You shouldn’t mess with Kaylin.

And suppose you are a mighty wizard and use lightning magic.Why don’t you use lightning resistance in case of a mirror match?

Also also: Hope Kaylin has some spare money – the repair of the wall won’t be cheap.

Kaylin was well aware of the power of the spell, and she has the perception to know where Nyna is on the wall. This is the opposite side of the wall so unless Nyna for whatever reason decided to sprint as fast as she could to this side after being told to look out for anyone who may be helping him- there’s no way Nyna would be in the line of fire for the spell.

Judging from our nameless, and now presumably deceased mage, he did not seem to be used to dealing with anyone who was a credible threat to him. He was continually surprised by some of the most basic counters and tricks. A pity he’s an ashpile as it will be a little difficult to figure out what/who he was. An NPC that managed to get his hands on Adventurer magic/secrets? A PC who’d completely forgot himself? Something else entirely?

“Aw man, interrogating ash is hard.”

On page 15 he tells Callum he is from Talithar (Northern Mountain according to Callum). And they master the art of adventerers a long time ago. And they take a special interest in Callum – they question remains Why?

Addendum: Also mysterious guys’ eye colours switch from red to yellow – maybe the kind of magic he is using?

The crackling hand looks like it was in some kind of an arcane pose. If he managed to teleport and that’s all that remains of him, that’d be a bit surprising given how otherwise outclassed and caught offguard he’s been for the rest of the fight.

However I find it interesting that Kaylin was actually impressed by the spell – suggesting that this new class of npc mage has been able to reach a level where even an adventurer considers them formidable. To reiterate my earlier theory: if these self-taught mages have been able to grow skills without game constraints (no cap on some skills, etc), they could prove to be real wildcards.

okay as someone who has no experience with tabletop games and only reference to theif class is from video games particularly final fantasy or square based rpgs is Spell thief an actual thing or did Sage just make it up?

Yes, Yes it is.
Its actually not that uncommon.
Dungeons and dragons is a pretty popular example where they exist.
Or if you like video games, there is World of warcraft / warcraft 3
Just to name a few, it’s not a original concept but they are more rare then your everyday mage or assasin classes…

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