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Seems like she’s enjoying using her combat skills. I’d say he’d be better off stopping the casting, spilling all the beans, then asking if there’s anything he can do before she makes his head resemble a pez dispenser.

What Kaylin says: “You are no fun.”
What Kaylin means: “Welp, playtime is over.”
What Kaylin really means: “Omae wa mou shinderu!”


He… is really not getting it.

He is a void/electricity mage – maybe he gets denser, each time he levels up – but this is black hole or Bakarina (if known) kind of dense.

She is a dark elf (aka drow) and if so doesn’t drow have magic resistance like in the AD&D games?

There is other Dark Elf’s than only Drows in world of RP. In Forgotten Realms there is even Dark Elfs that isn’t Drow, they were ancestors of Drows.

Straight quote from Forgotten Realms fandom: “Dark elves were elves,[1] known as Ssri-tel-quessir in the elven tongue,[2] and were the ancestors of the drow. The two terms were oftentimes used interchangeably, even by elves (Tel-quessir) themselves.

Dark elves had dark brown skin, as opposed to the ebony skin that drow presently have. They also may have had black hair instead of white and no darkvision. Dark elves were also not tainted with Wendonai’s blood.”

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