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Kaylin calling this clearly older than most living humans “little boy” is hilarious

Older than most living humans? He’s like 30… Sure he’s pale and all but ouch.

That cheakbone on page one combined with the white hair would make most people think he is like 50

What do you mean by page one? Also- He has a broken cheekbone recently because he got punched in the face- this is a VERY RECENT occurrence that should not make him suddenly age! XD

page one = first panel of the page, woops

I know that the cheekbone is recently broken, but that combined with the hair makes him look MUCH older.
He did look far younger before he got smacked in the face….. like by alot….
I think its because its less round witch gives the impression he is older and more skinny.
Really tho its 70 % the hair that does it, being white and all…. but also wizards are stereotypically old.

Sorry if i can’t explain it better i’m not really an art person :/
Now that i got your attention tho i just want to say i really do like your work :3

I love how in the first panel his cockiness flickers and he shows to be a little disturbed.

Also, he didn’t just swallow the bait. He swallowed the whole fishing live.

Also also, she is a rogue, duh. Meaning, she has a high reflex save against your magic. And she gets no damage if you miss her.

Yup, gotta be able to hit her to hurt her. And like Kaylin said: he doesn’t have much time to do it! Then there is of course Nyna who is likely only staying out of the fray long enough for Callum to escape. Once he’s clear she may join in if she sees an opportunity or need. I doubt this wizard has any backup of his own. Aside from being a cocky jerk he likely wasn’t expecting to run into much trouble!

why do I feel like lightning magic was one of the highest DPS spell-trees in the game, and as such any solo player worth their salt would have resists out the wazoo?

Shouldn’t his eyes be more red to match the hair and skin?

Uhh- nope. He has candy corn eyes…

‘and after a quick search’ darn it, i thought he was albino and assumed everyone with that gets red eyes ><

Nah it’s a video game, people can have pretty much any kinda hair color and eye color. Also – I’ve never actually met an albino IRL with obviously red eyes, I’ve heard it can happen but I don’t think it’s very common. Most albinos I have met have had blue or brownish eyes. Now- I’ve seen plenty of Albino rabbits with red eyes! But he is not a rabbit man… XD

Wait… Is he using Ball Lightning? If it is at all related to the DnD spell of the same name, it’s a low-tier spell which likely will have little to no effect on Kaylin. Not only is she a high level adventurer, she has trinkets up the wazoo, and has likely faced many a spellcaster. She’s also an elf, specifically a dark elf by the looks of her. Elves are usually, in most games and lore, a species with some kind of natural magic in their body. and by extension, have some level of magic resist.

Not sure what the level gap between them would be, but the setup feels like this dude is casting the cantrip Firebolt at a mid level ground or rock elemental. it wont be fully negated, but it also wont be all that effective.

Somethings are similar to D&D and some things are not- mostly because RPGs of all kinds can trace back mechanics and concepts back to the games before them and D&D is pretty much the grandfather of Fantasy RPGs. That said, Ball Lighting in this is by no means a cantrip. It’s a small scale siege spell as hinted at by “strikes down entire vessels” its very effective against wooden ships. Making it on par if not a bit higher than a fireball spell from D&D. So it’s not top tier magic but it is one of the best mid tier damage spells.

From what I remember, Ball Lightning is a tier 2, which is one of the early on spells. Though since it is an earlier on spell, it can easily be cast at higher levels, which is what I’m assuming he is attempting to do here. However, I feel that someone as tough as Kaylin wont be taken down by a single spell. She seems like the type of adventurer that solos mid-tier bosses with minimal potion use.

dude.. Think about it… she said she is a Rouge .. she knows your magic.. she knows her weapons cant hurt you (now).. and she is just standing there, saying bring it…. “now would be a good time to port out.!”

I’m surprised he can even speak with his face al broken and caved in. Can’t wait to see this over melodramatic mage get his head handed to him. I’m getting the hint that this is not his first confrontation with an ‘adventurer’ but has not encountered one of Kaylin’s level. Tch’ overconfidence and hubris has been the downfall of so many. Wonder what his game is anyway, looking forward to that reveal.

Part of me wants to believe this spell will be nothing to Kaylin because she’s handled max-level player duels before – or something to that effect maybe, at least situations where players have out-gamed each other thinking many steps beyond what this “surprised you know about the spell” person has had to deal with.

The other part of me wonders if Kaylin is about to discover that spells are no longer quite the same as they used to be – such as if this self-taught mage isn’t bound by normal game rules and has an ‘overlevelled’ spell – like you’d put 20 points into a skill that normally could only accept 10.

Should be interesting either way!

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