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Otherworldly Encounter – #06

Otherworldly Encounter – #06 published on 10 Comments on Otherworldly Encounter – #06

So I have some news- but it might not be relevant if you check the comic early in it’s release- but for those in the afternoon or morning US Times- Artificial Incident #1 Is availible on Amazon through Comixology! You can (soon?) buy a copy of the first 6 Chapters of AI on Digital through Amazon! Isn’t that great? I hope to be releasing the next book on there as well shortly after it’s printing – early next year! That’s just a few months away!

Thank you all so much! If you want to help support me, pick up the book, and maybe- maaaaybe, leave a review to let people know you enjoy the comic?

Here’s the link (link may not work till later! So come back and try it again if it’s not working!)


Great news! Before you release the next chapters of AI, you might want to fix the typo in Paradigm Shift #14, third panel. The word “aquired” should be spelled “acquired”.

Thank you! Normally they get caught pretty early after I post it and I then immediately fix them. Surprised that one went so long unnoticed. We usually go over them again before printing or going to digital book formats, but it’s easy to miss something when you are reading stuff you know what checked previously and just assume it’s all ok. I’ve fixed it and I’m updating the web version now too. Thanks again!

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