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Otherworldly Encounter – #05

Otherworldly Encounter – #05 published on 9 Comments on Otherworldly Encounter – #05

The game of Rune Aria requires people mark runes to set locations for teleportation. Otherwise the only locations you can teleport to are places with teleportation circles, world runes, or Respawn points- all of which they (the caster of the spell) must either know or have seen/been to before.


Could someone explain why Nyna is mad? I don’t get it meself.

There are many reasons, as she already stated she is unhappy about having to agree with him- since she doesn’t like humans. You know- because humans hired adventurers to murder her people? Then his “free” comment, while he was trying to compliment her he insulted her by insinuating that her free nature is a bad thing- as if her being free is bad. Like an animal not kept on a leash. So- That’s a pretty good reason to be mad, right? Even if it may not have been what he meant by it 😛

They have similar feelings towards each other- Henry as a Noble sees himself as above most others (a recent thing that hes been changing since becoming a lesser noble and working with Callum) and Nyna, a literal Elite Monster that is physically naturally beyond any normal human. They both have superiority complexes, Nyna’s comes from a place of primal power and magic while his is granted to him by societal standards- again- opposites to each other. These similarities and contradictions are what makes it so easy for Nyna to get angry with him.

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