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INFILTRATION – 24 published on 13 Comments on INFILTRATION – 24

Just a couple more pages till this chapter is over. I’ve really enjoyed this fight scene, even though it’s also been a ton of work! Thank you everyone for your support, I hope more people can discover the comic and enjoy it at least a little bit as much as I have enjoyed working on it so far.


I don’t understand what just happened. What did Kaylin do, and why did it work against this enemy that was regenerating from having its head cut off just a few pages ago?

It’s an enemy from a Fighting Game. So no matter how absolutely violent an attack is, it does a set amount of damage. She changed her combat style to match up with how the enemy’s game logic worked with her combat. Forcing it to block high as she attacked low, stopping and turtling up so she could get in for a grab without getting cheap shotted. It regenerated because it had lost Round One of the fight, and got back up for Round Two.

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