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Wonder if we’re getting any explanation on how the item durability works in RuneAria. And whether Kaylin’s armor is completely gone or just needs some repair.

The explanation will be assumed based on the outcome. Not really time to go over details like that, but she’ll be picking out some armor from her storage once she gets a chance to drop by a functioning bank location. So- It’s broken for good. I might explain in a side thing, but I have explained in comments before already XD.

Basically – Equipment durability is a defunct mechanic. It was around at the beginning of the game, but it was so annoying that they effectively got rid of it- but the stat remained. Just nothing in the game caused damage to equipment anymore.

This does bring up the question, Sage does your preferred fighing game have full dress breaking.

Thanks for the explanation!

I remember the part about equipment damage, but I don’t remember it explaining what exactly happens to completely broken equipment.

Knowing many games with equipment damage, their handling of completely zero-durability equipment can be different from “it works less efficiently”, thought “it just stops working”, down to “it gets completely destroyed”, I wasn’t sure where on this spectrum RuneAria falls on.

And now we know!

NAKED, also didn’t she have really powerful gear and it still got destroyed

The equipment’s durability rating unfortunately isn’t set much higher because the system is defunct in the game. Durability ratings were just based on rarity. For example (and these arent the official numbers just an example) Common items all have a durability rating like 100, uncommon have something like 200, rare 300, very rare 400, legendary 500, and only Artifacts would have no durability rating as they cant be destroyed.

Rune Aria used to have creatures that did Durability damage, but that got changed quickly to doing armor debuffs instead. So every form of durability damage was gone. The fighting game that guy is from is huge into durability in items. Since the fighting game is an MMO fighter, and you can’t really do leveled abilities or else it gets unbalanced fast, they use items that break so you have to grind for equipment and spend resources restoring or replacing items, and defending properly to avoid having your stuff break.

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