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INFILTRATION – 18 published on 10 Comments on INFILTRATION – 18

Kaylin’s insight can be pretty overwhelming against much lower level people. Low enough and she can pick up on their most likely actions and she can try to dissuade them, though even with a silver tongue, you can’t always talk a person out of making a bad decision, if they really think it’s their only way out of a bad situation.


I’m not sure I understand the last panel

Kaylin told him in the fourth panel to be honest – the response of him seems to be a lie, which Kaylin caught.

Just caught up, loving the comic so far! Loving all the lesbian rep, are there any plans for a trans/nb character?

Properly writing Trans and NB characters is a challenge, so while I may have some elements of Trans and NB characters, I wouldn’t want to try to fully assimilate a trans or NB character into the comic in a way that I could get something wrong. I think what is most important is the characters show their emotions and who they are through their actions and what they say, and leave it at that. Certainly some already have some issues that Trans or NB people may have, but it can only go so deep with how I understand it. As for future characters, not all of the future of the story is written in stone. Kaylin clearly has some similar issues but I can’t say for sure.

Cool, thanks for the info! When writing enbies in particular I love it when authors just like have it be a normal and un commented on thing, like a side character who uses they them and everybody just uses that, casual normalization rep is the best kind imo. Especially if they aren’t actually all that androgynous, since most common enby representation perpetuates that whole thing.

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