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oh no, an hyptnotism-type conditionned reaction. Hopefully what he’s about to try to blow himself with is what she took to her system inventory

yea with the way his hand is shaking, i too suspect whatever he’s about to do might destroy the trunk and it’s contents along with him. (or he’s going for a hidden antidote to the charm potions, kaylin didn’t check any of the books to see if they were fakes with items stored in them after all)

Either controlled, or resisting, or somewhere in between. Last page he hesitated before naming a book number.

Kaylin didn’t see any trap when she checked his stuff, and as a thief you’d think it would stand out to her quite blatantly if one HAD been there – similar to other game-ish cues about detecting things passively.

Here’s hoping he’s not about to cause a huge scene that will force her to kill him, and end up proving Jack right.

His eyes aren’t glowing as much in the second to last panel… maybe a trick of perspective, but supports the idea he’s resisting or it’s wearing off. Immune to his own potions makes sense, lets him spike everyone’s drink then be the first back to normal.

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