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Ah, all the secrets he’s willing to provide for the sight of a little skin. Curious potion—I wonder how he was intending to use it if it requires 𝙩𝙝𝙞𝙨 to employ fully?

Thanks for the page!

i assume it makes the drinker more Susceptible to suggestions, kaylin’s just taking advantage of her beauty to seduce some answers out of him by Suggesting he might get some fun times after. likely how he used them depended on whether he was negotiating with a man (probably suggesting they’d get rich working with him) or woman(seducing them) and what he wanted out of it’s use at the time.

Correct, while when he employed it, well he could use the same method on some people- but he could also mention he works for powerful people that can give him whatever they desire, or he can show off a bag of coins etc etc to loosen up their tongue more to take advantage of the potion.

I guess Kaylin’s lucky he’s into women, though with her equipment—and given the information she got—she probably could have sought another avarice.

Thanks for the explanation.

well that means one thing there are other players on the board

Possibly other actual Players, or just NPCs who have managed for Forge access as if they are Players. Or, you might have meant that in the less literal sense of ‘other powers pulling the strings’.

Better designed mmo games make no difference between mobs, npc-s and players in the game mechanics, non players just have an AI instead of a human player controlling them. This means everyone drops what they carry, regardless of the killer or being a pc or npc/mob and everyone could use what they carry. Take too long to kill a mob? They might use up their consumables. Attack a vendor npc? They might flee or fight back with their weapons and if you do kill them, there might be no vendor for some time, until a new vendor npc shows up. This generates a better world, where you can’t really know who is an npc, who is a mob and who is a player. At least until you try to communicate with them as we don’t really have real AI yet.

In this case, we do know that intelligent monsters and npcs are pretty much the same and that some monsters do have access to their loot table, which means they can give away at least one item from their hidden inventory. Also it seems that monsters don’t respawn, so you can’t farm their loot by killing them. It may be, that their loot tables also don’t regenerate, meaning they can only give out each item once. Both would create a shortage of monsters as we’ve heard a few pages back.

ps: This might mean if monster death is permanent, then player death might also be permanent. Also if the link of players to their original human brain is not present anymore, then they are more or less also AI-s, just made from human templates and not generated in world. But this was the first question when the story started.

Panel 1, speech balloon 1: “Do any” should be “Does any” unless that’s how Kaylin talks.
Panel 1, speech balloon 2: “Labelled” is misspelled.

I was about to say “no, one L is okay too” but yeah, there’s an E missing…

Yep- I can’t spell Labeled!
The Do vs Does though is correct as is. Does would not be correct according to grammar check and my editor (who I didn’t get this one to in time to check). Labelled vs Labeled is a UK vs US English thing- but I don’t know about the do vs does. I would think it would be the same on both but I don’t know much about the differences in UK English.

do any seems much more correct from the perspective of australian english (mostly the same as uk)
“does any of…” doesn’t flow propperly

“Does any…” is for singular. “Do any…” is for plural. If I’m not mistaken. Kaylin is asking about several objects as individual pieces, rather than a single conglomeration. Its just fairly common in modern speech to use this phrase to ask about a single mass of stuff instead of individual pieces.

We’ve seen NPCs from this nation seeming with more than just adventurer items, so I wonder if ‘forging’ has other byproducts – namely exp or levelling/training/skill resources. Very possibly that’s what is in the starry bottle Kaylin saw in the previous page.

Kaylin’s pout is also very skillfully done! Quite a set of poses, and a big grin at the end. Charm potion, seduction, and silver tongue together – this guy never had a chance. Only question is how this particular encounter will /end/, such that she can bring the evidence to Jack before charming wears off and this guy can sound the alarm.

He also paused before saying the book number. Might wanna check to see if it’s the RIGHT book, or if he was resisting just enough to swap one for the other. Wouldn’t really help if Kaylin delivers this guy’s porn… I mean, it technically could be part of his ‘plans’ right now, could it not?

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