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Hunted – #22

Hunted – #22 published on 9 Comments on Hunted – #22

Kaylin gets to use a weapon art skill! While being chased by skeletons, ghosts, nightwalkers, wrights,- jeez and the mob is only just starting to form. I’m gonna be really busy trying to figure out how I’m going to draw a mass of creepy undead creatures- like the flesh bag zombie!


Once the undead are dealt with you can build a home just fine. After all, the neighborhood just got renovated, right?

The issue is how long it takes to deal with the undead masses- as there is no true end to them – one day you may make it so there are no skeletons or zombies left, and that all future bodies are disposed of completely- but then that energy that animates them originally will just twist into spirits, wraiths, and stalkers- all of which are honestly worse and harder to deal with.

You couldn´t just create a circle of Holy Land or such around your home/village/town?
One that blesses automatically everything that steps foot inside?
That would get rid of any Undead immediately, maybe even Demons, depending on how it works. Though they might be too powerful to be purged instantly. Could even heal at least slightly any Living.

Nope, you can’t just create a permanent change on a video game area as a player without special circumstances. This is not even taking into account that neither Kaylin or Callum are a cleric or druid that can consecrate land and even they cant generally make a lasting effect on an area on the same level as what an NPC town or city gets. Blessing things does not remove undead at all, not sure why you think it would. Long lasting healing auras are also not a common thing for players to have.

All in all, it’s probably best to assume that if the players think they cant do something, then either they cant do it, or they lack the means to make it possible at the time, rather than coming up with what you think they could do. That would be like watching a new Batman movie and saying “He should just cast magic that will make all the bad guys good guys, why doesnt he do that?”

Ah, i was more in “there is magic, so possibly it could be used in that way” kind of thinking.
There changed environments like the destroyed towns after all, so changing the world IS possible, at least as i understood it so far.
Most stories with magic depict healing/blessing magic as danaging to undead, hence i assumed it would be the case here as well.
About WHO did it, must not have been Callum or Kaylin, could be the people living in the world.

Batman lives in a world of magic too, he hangs out with a stage magician that can speak things backwards and make them happen with magic, he hangs out with a shapeshifting alien from mars and a former football star turned janitor at a super hero museum from the future. We don’t expect batman to come up with a magical solution because it’s not his thing, much like it’s not Kaylin’s thing.

Changing the world is possible in some ways now, but that wasnt possible before(without big in-game events). Kaylin would have no knowledge of how to do something like that so I don’t know why you would float it as something she should know she can do? Also, it has been stated that almost all the major learning centers for magic in the world were destroyed hundreds of years ago. Magic has taken a massive nose dive since the adventuring days.

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