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I think there’s a couple of mistakes in speech bubble of the third panel: it should probably be ‘he possesses’ and ‘multicasting’ instead of ‘he possess’ and ‘multi casting’.

Thanks! Yeah I had to make some last minute changes to the dialogue to make the original wording clearer and I princessesessessess’d it. Where you see a word and think “That has too many es’ to be correct”. My editor approved the previous version but went to bed before i made the changes and yep- that’s how mistakes get through! Making changes and not getting them approved. The Multicasting though is an interesting one because technically I could have just used a hyphen – however in comics you are always supposed to avoid using hyphens to carry over words from the previous line. I think it’s a clarity thing for comic reading vs just reading text on a page.

Kaylin should have a built-in excuse anyway. “How did I know all that? Adventurer!”

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