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Did you forget to tag Sena on this one?

Yep- surprise people even notice the tagging XD – it’s fixed.

What does the eyes of malice do?

It is just a guess, but I think it is a skill used to make enemies stop attacking, but because it has the opposite effect on undead they now target her instead. Which is a useful skill for someone like Kaylin who normally doesn’t want to be pulling in the attention of lots of enemies at once.

Love the ominous atmosphere in the last panel… it’s almost downright spooky can’t, wait to see sena in action.
she’s my favorite character in the series when you introduced her i fell in love her with character i want more info on her PSTD attacks? If that’s right term for her affliction.

This comic does not seem to be listed on is that intentional

Couple reasons, I haven’t used Topwebcomics in nearly a decade so I just don’t think about it much and people rarely mention it. As I recall it was only effective if you link it and provide extra bonus content as an incentive to vote and I don’t have the time for that. I make 3 full color comics a week and do commission work every day in between. Making custom content to be effective is a lot of extra work. Before it wasn’t worth it for the views TopWebcomics brought in for me, but maybe that’s changed?

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