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Alya & Nyna use embaressment… its highly effective! XD
Got to love that family 😀

Everyone calling Aiya “Alya” for some reason…

An uppercase I and L can look similar since different fonts have the L look like an Upper case i. Easy to mistake.

I keep forgetting people rarely even notice that each character that appears in the comic has their name (if they are a reoccurring character) in the details under the comic page. It shows a folder that says “Comic” a picture Icon that says “Artificial Incident” a book Icon and “Chapter 10” and then an Icon for people/characters – and a list of all the characters present in that comic. It’s how some people were calling her Aiya by name before it was said in the comic- so- clearly some people noticed that the tag was in use even before she was named in the comic!

Oh, boy. There doesn’t seem to be much I can add to all that’s been said about this fun relationship. However, it would be remiss of me not to point out that “adventurerous” should read “adventurous”. Sigh. Will I never exorcise those memories of English class? No, please no, not another desk eraser…

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