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um… does Aiya have boob pockets one the outside on page 6 ?
regardless this page was great, love the family dynamic so far.

Not really sure what you are trying to say- making some assumptions you mean on instead one and Panel instead of Page- but even then there’s no boob sock/boob pockets going on, I did clean up some of the lines a bit but I don’t know if that was the issue so if ya could, let me know what it is so I can look into it.

He probably means the classic joke of a woman storing stuff between her boobs/in her cleavage.

That wouldn’t make sense with panel 6 and also – in the panel where she pulls out the item there is a piece of furniture with drawers – perfect for holding such items…

I think it’s the way the flap on the kimono is drawn looks like a pocket over the boobs from this angle, and the hand being drawn straight towards the “camera” looks awkward because of the hand being cut off right about where the leash is at the bottom of the panel.

Pika is right.
Also i enjoy a bit of silly humor every now and then to lighten up the mood.
With all the predatory monsters left, right and center it´s quite intimidating, so a little joke would be appropriate.
And why not assume she also keeps important things at important places? 😉
Especially since she did not seem to open those drawers…

Of course- i forgot – I have to draw every little action and cant imply something just by showing it exist even if the first panel shows her standing in front of it- her body facing it- and then shes turned – wait- how did she turn?! I didn’t show her move her legs! What’s going on?! How is this possible?!

It gets worse. In order to turn turn, she must first turn halfway, but in order to turn halfway, she must first turn a third of the way, and so on. Thus, because of the infinitely many partial turns required, she can’t turn at all! Thus motion is impossible and any perception to the contrary is just an illusion.

I hate the issues with shipping that come from living in more or less the ass end of nowhere on a global scale
Vol2 book is 20 USD shipping is 30 USD
still bought it but it feels bad

T_T I know – it’s terrible. It’s not even being just out in the middle of nowhere- its 25 dollars to send to CANADA – It’s right there! The only place the shipping is OK is in the US T_T

Eww at least to Australia makes some sense

Tip: wait for at least 2 books and order them together.
Then you only pay half the shipping price per book.
You can even go further with this and wait for 3 books, Sage doesn´t give me the impression to plan stopping the comic.

> … or – when I can no longer afford to do it because people arent buying the books!

But then you could write another book on how US FedEx made you quit drawing comics! Just consider all the possibilities…! 😛

That aside: Can you add a shipping option for Austria (should be completely identical to Germany from your PoV)? Buying the combo with 30$ shipping is just within the acceptable threshold of pain for me.

shardragon – Sorry the store thing won’t allow certain countries for some weird shipping restrictions- that said – I can still ship to you – send me an email at with instructions on what you want (Say you want book 1 and 2) and I will send you a Paypal Invoice for the total – make sure your paypal address and information for shipping is correct and up to date as well!

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