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Gods, Monsters, and Mortals? – 12

Gods, Monsters, and Mortals? – 12 published on 10 Comments on Gods, Monsters, and Mortals? – 12

I’ll be away this weekend, hopefully it won’t affect the Artificial Incident Update, but it’s not impossible. I’ll be working hard at Anthrocon trying to promote my work! I’ll do my best to still get next weeks update up, but those of you who know about conventions- and I get stressed while traveling. Wish me luck!


Open the pod bay doors, HAL. (Pause) OK, I don’t think he can hear us.

It just came to me that 2001 would have been a more interesting story if HAL had reported a malfunction in the memory module that stored the command to keep secrets from the crew. Once that module was removed, he could tell the crew about the mission particulars and the meltdown would have been prevented.

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