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…I hope it’s not her real body starting to give out

I think he’s been dead a long time.

i don’t think dead is quite accurate
real world and game world being separate entities now seems more likely

basically that the game took a copy of people
or what ever is behind what happened as it is multi game

I’m kinda thinking that none of the players are actually trapped in their games per se. I think it’s more like, the event that happened copied their minds over to their avatars, while the players themselves were simply disconnected. The players think they were disconnected from their games, never knowing a copy of themselves exist in this other world.

Assuming it’s not a transfer or something, and it *is* that they were copied over….then what if it wasn’t even a straight copy? Could be more accurate to say that the characters were “filled in”. Most people *had* a character, but Kaylin is one of the (likely few) who *played* a character. Everybody else was….a self-insert or something I guess, which is why they have “normal memories”. (Sure, they had a character, but they were making decisions as themselves. Some may have had “this character will be this kind of person”, but it was still them and nothing else was filled out.) Kaylin, however, had a full written backstory and Kevin acted out the role faithfully (even during the tutorial), so when she “became real” (or whatever the definitive word is for what happened back then), she actually *was* Kaylin. Now, she actually remembers that full story – not as flavor text or filler, but actual memories.

One theory, anyway.

I’m starting to think that different Adventurers have been/will be “imported” for different reasons–some (like Callum) because of their knowledge of how things work in the world “Beyond”, and others (like Kaylin) because they are sufficienty familiar with the world they are now in to apply logic and general ideas from Beyond to the local situation in accordance with the local version of natural law (e.g. adventurers staying in non-protected areas attract undead.)

I’m also guessing that the overall goal is making the world stable enough for people (human and otherwise) to live there indefinitely without resetting the world.

I’ve followed Yosh! for years, admiring the dexterous and marvelous way Sage handles his fantastic creations. They are very much “alive” to me, and I am very happy to have just discovered this gem of his as well. It is stunningly well written and coherent unlike many webcomics I’ve come across, and the cartoon level is certainly professional. It is my sincerest hope that this webcomic, with its unforgettable characters, lives on for a very long time.

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