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Gods, Monsters, and Mortals? – 13

Gods, Monsters, and Mortals? – 13 published on 21 Comments on Gods, Monsters, and Mortals? – 13

Yeeeeah, I’m betting if authors knew that their stories had the chance of becoming reality they wouldn’t fill characters with trauma as much.


oh crap

Sage’s comment reminded me of an anime called Re:Creators. The plot is that some popular characters from games, shows, and manga end up in the real world. Some of them didn’t like the fact that the tragedy in their lives was basically entertainment for the masses and work to undo the world.

I highly loved the show and recommend it, especially if you are a “creator”.

Definitely +1 on re:creators reference, super relevant here.

That said, I wonder if Kaylin will touch on the respawning nature of raid bosses here. Nyna was wondering about kaylin’s immortality… actually how did respawning work then vs now, and do old monsters remember it?

There was a series that I enjoyed reading on deviantart called How to be a Knightmare. The idea was that if a character or idea sparked enough fear in people, it would come to life in the real world. One of the main characters (Michael Myers) hated his origin story after he had a moment to reevaluate his life, and during the story, helps a human werewolf hybrid as she brings the fight to the entities who embrace their origins such as Jason Voorhees, Bloody Mary, and many others.
One funny-ish moment was when Freddy Krueger had a very meta moment that if their origins were fictional to begin with, why can’t their new reality be another fictional world to entertain viewers/readers.

I disagree Sage. I know a few…shall we say ‘unpublished’ authors that think tragedy is a necessary fulcrum in a character’s drive to…essentially create content. Some keep it manageable obviously, but there are others that would inflict almost cruel levels of tragedy just to prove a point.

Philosophy question: Is it more devastating that this happened, or more devastating that the children she loved so dearly likely never actually existed?

Even if Sena was “designed” with the story, there are still scenarios where actual virtual kits were killed that resulted in her being “designed”.

How devastating would be to learn that there was a “real” raging Kitsune, that originally advanced into an unkillable raid boss, that was then refined and canonized into you.

It depends, for me. My heroes usually are fine, their whole point being the good that comes from those with power and influence using them to make better lives for everyone, even if they have been harmed or wronged and a more selfish approach would be reasonable.

My villains, on the other hand, often are expys for systemic problems and are therefore intentionally inhumanly evil. If there was even a single CHANCE one of them could exist somewhere else in some kind of alternate dimension, I would NEVER write again,

Can’t the “gods” bring her kits back?

That brings up another slew of quandaries though, are the gods supposed to try and undo every bad thing that happened ever? Or do they pick and choose which ones to meddle in, and if they did, would it really be her kits or just some copy of them? Which god would even do that? Kaala is the most sympathetic towards monsters, but she doesn’t have power over death in the world, that’s another god’s domain. Is there even enough left over from any kind of records to even bring back the original Kits? Does that even really undo the 300+ years of suffering and healing?

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