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Hmmm… Interesting interesting… some possible causes on what info we have so far
1. Memory lost starts if the player is disconnected from the system, when a AI takes full control
1b. Maybe an AI is created using the memory of the player, but if the player is DC’d before the copy is complete it could create fragmentation and incomplete data. “Kevin! Why can I see you?”
2. Some form of Body dysphoria created. Maybe Mike hasn’t forgotten anything (or much?) cause the body more represents who he is in RL
3. Trauma caused by whatever happened to the system. A backlash causing temporary or permanent brain damage. “why does it feel like my skull is on fire?” – page those quotes were from.

Oh something to note, I was having some difficulty posting that comment. For some reason the “Post Comment” button wasn’t working, nor was the log out link. It took me clicking on change, then right clicking on one of the login options to open it into a new tab/window to beable to post. Had to do the same with this one as well. Sooo.. yeah there’s an odd bug going on (Browser: Waterfox – latest)

What happens if you role play so well and so often that the “auto-complete” function for your character, initially providing a “short-cut” menu for the actions you are most likely to take next, becomes complete enough to carry on without you, taking at each step the “default” action it expects from your character unless you override it? And then if for some reason you stop providing those override signals…

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