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Fallen Star – #15

Fallen Star – #15 published on 13 Comments on Fallen Star – #15

Space Man estimates 1 more month before hypothetical human body dies of dehydration. Hopes former streamer vanishing puts a spotlight on the situation. That sums up some things! Helpful Space Captain.


All assuming that their minds are actually still connected to the system, and are not actually copies.

But if they are connected: I don’t know about in the case of Mike, but wouldn’t the AI that Kevin has in his house. Wouldn’t it have notified emergency services of a comatose person?

I would also think that a immersive VR system, especially one like the Full Dive System, have protocols if a player stays connected for a long period of time.

At least we’re only dealing with time dilation here, and not time offset. Still a bit of a hazard in terms of meatspace bodies (assuming their consciousnesses are still tethered to them, as Sora pointed out above), but it minimizes “time traveler lag”.

Four days without water is already an extremely distressing situation. A healthy adult might be able to go a month without food, but without water? Four days is the limit on record.

Actually if you want to look at “limit on record” the number is 18 days- but that was a very extreme case and the person may have been licking the walls for condensation- amazingly he did survive. That said, those in a coma like state can last much longer without water because of the lack of activity. Still, lasting anything more than 7 days is pretty incredible, but possible under the right conditions.

You know I’ve been thinking about this for a while now, but how do we know that this is actually in a game? We only have the characters word on that and they may very well be mistaken. Mike and Kaylin come from two very different games, with different rules stats and gameplay, possibly from different companies and almost certainly from different engines given the comment on how old Star Patrol is. These two should not be able to exist together. I’m really starting to believe this is no game.

wait so how long has Kaylin been here based on Space Captain’s time table?

using the 2 weeks = 1 day time table, and the estimation of 1 month, Kevin (Kaylin’s streamer) has been comatose for about 2 days irl time. though the problem with “Space mans” hope is that most of the people watching the Stream assumed it was a disconnection, and not something more unlikely like being shunted and trapped into the game engines universe. of course that’s assuming it isn’t being covered up by the parent companies due to the lack of a “recovery” option, or that they aren’t simply a piece copied and torn away from the streamers mind.

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