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Elven Issues – #12

Elven Issues – #12 published on 15 Comments on Elven Issues – #12

Thank you to everyone who showed up at Anthrocon and stopped by the table! Sorry I couldn’t stay Sunday, I got pretty sick and had to leave early. Wouldn’t want to get a bunch of people sick by sticking around. Not that I physically could have handled it even if I did.

Oh, forgot to mention this! I asked Avencri for help with the exploding head (He’s really great at drawing horrific gore stuff) and he helped a lot BUT . . . o_o; it looked too scary. Seriously it looked waaaay too gruesome so I back tracked it a lot to keep the almost comedic look of a popping head rather than a very realistic blown out half a head o_o


(Didn’t attend AC, and am sorry I couldn’t have said “hi” then.)
Boss: “You’re not allowed to stay, Nyna, or even visit without permission. But if you promise to not cause trouble and leave soon — and take your, um, ‘pet’ with you — we’ll let you say your piece.”

You know what would be cool? A link to that original exploding head. I’m sure Doug McKenzie would say “He blowed up real good”. 🙂 (A cookie to you if you get the reference).

You could always include a “click at your own risk” warning…

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