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I like how the guy thinks they could still win. Heh.

They might be able to take her by surprise and give her at least a good solid poisoned blade stab, thinking it might kill her. This would most probably cost all their lives though.

Now, the thing is, would poison even work on her. Clearly just one stab of a dagger is not enough to be lethal.

the new cat girl is cute.

Werewolf. Wolf Girl 😛

Ah, so the flufiness of her tail is due to that.
I agree with GB, she´s totally cute.
Not to mention her minimalistic clothing XD

There aren’t many comics out there that would add a detail like tan lines. Well done. So is Nyna’s tribe some sort of mish-mash of creatures?

Yes, her village is a collective of relatively to very powerful and mostly intelligent monsters. There are some actual families of the same type of monster, but there’s also a lot of monsters that just kinda solo creatures that dont age that live there.

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