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Chapter 1 A Different World

Chapter 1 A Different World published on 7 Comments on Chapter 1 A Different World

The Cover Page for Chapter 1! I chose to do cover pages for these because it also gives me a bit more time to flesh out my script. Unlike Yosh!, AI is a lot more structured and focused with almost all the details already planned out in advance. While Yosh! tends to have goals established, but the details are a little soft so changes can be made and things added frequently.


I hope this means nyna will soon appear, even if she turns out to be an enemy at first

(don’t know how she will enter, just want to see her intro)

I’ve actually been trying to find a way to insert her in sooner than I originally planned, so far though, definitely not in this chapter. I am working very hard on making each chapter cover certain game elements and how they have either changed or been implemented. Naturally Nyna’s chapter is about monsters which I might be able to fit into chapter 2- but it really fits better for chapter 3.

………I get curious about the weirdest things.

This time around, it’s: which writing strategy do you prefer? (Meaning do you prefer writing more like Yosh’s “end is finalized now write the middle as I go” or more like AI’s “script is 90% done all over now finalize everything as I go”?)

I still have an ending for AI as well, I’m just being more careful that each chapter stands somewhat on it’s own. Each chapter tells a bit more about the world while Yosh honestly has entire arcs where it doesnt actually expand on the main storyline, just does bits with the characters in certain situations, which is fun, but it’s unfocused.

I didn’t say you didn’t have an ending for AI, just one you can make up the story more as you go along versus there being a mostly fleshed out script beforehand.

I suppose it’s the difference between a primarily story-only comic and one that can easily have random jokes shoved in at any time, while still having some kind of storyline.

Yosh has always felt fun but a bit spontaneous. While I’ve been able to drop hints and things like that as I go I don’t really get to pace it perfectly. It took over 600 comics after saying Lilith for her to appear in the comic after all! That’s unheard of in most normal stories. You mention someone, they show up, otherwise why did you mention them? Chekhov’s gun, if it’s not important, why put it in a story? Well Yosh! is filled with things that aren’t or dont seem to be important, till they are brought up again a year later and everyone forgot about them and I can point back and say “look how clever i am!” while I know full well that’s actually highlighting my poor use of timing in Yosh! XD So while I do like pointing back and saying “look! this was planned!” it doesn’t flow well and I am well aware of that! I feel like what I’m doing with AI feels a lot better, but it does mean when I think of a funny situation for Kaylin and Nyna to be in… It’s going to have to wait for when it is appropriate! ^_^

Well, it’s not like Lilith didn’t exist, she was just referenced earlier on than she really had need to be known past a reference to her. I’m quite sure you’ve got other people that have been mentioned and that’s as far as they got.

Besides, haven’t you been planning for it to be a really long runner for a while? You’ll get to it eventually when it needs to be addressed more than just in passing. I got at least that much faith in you. ;P

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