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I liked the prologue. I think it is a nice twist on the ‘trapped inside a game’ idea to not have the player be sucked into the game or become trapped inside the game as their avatar but instead seemingly the avatar itself coming to life and be merged to their player. I’m curious to learn if it was Kaylin that came to life and her memories of Kevin being just an echo of her time as an avatar, or if the real Kevin is now stuck inside the game and inside Kaylin as the core of her being with Kaylin’s personality on top as the dominate ‘self’.
That became a bit longer than intended, I just like speculating and discussing about these kind of story elements.

This is turning out to be very interesting and i am very much so looking forward to reading more of this. It is turning into another web comic that i am looking forward too. I also am find the difference between this comic and others of the genre are very intriguing! It a nice change to see it from the perspective of an non-player personality.

The big question is what happened with the outside world and if there is any info coming into the game world from outside. One clue is the fading chat, that suggest the outside world did exist after Kevin has been disconnected. Kaylin’s memories seems to be copies of Kevin’s memories and most (if not all) of her personality is also a copy of Kevin, which seems to be a kind of sideeffect of the direct to brain VR technology. Essentially it could be that the longer the person is using the game, the better the copy gets. This, after some time, allows full sentience for the copy. It could even be the cause of the incident as two sentient beings can’t really control a single avatar. Another possibility is some real world event (like getting a bridge dropped on Kevin) causing the disconnect. (the question in both cases would be why to even allow this copy to happen in the first place as it seems counter productive or if anyone was aware of it happening)

This is really interesting! I liked were it was as if we were watching the stream, but in the form of a webcomic. I can’t wait to see what adventures await, and if Kaylin/Kevin discovers what exactly happened. I wonder what she means by, “There were thousands, millions of us.” Is she referring to the players in the game, and they all just vanished? Guess I’ll just have to read on.

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